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Cara Prior

Running for progress, not power.




Cara Prior is a feisty, independent-minded progressive running a grassroots, person-first campaign for the Arizona State House of Representatives in Legislative District 16. She will stand up for personal freedom against religion, corporations and non-democratic government regulations. Cara has lived in Apache Junction for 17 years with her husband of 20 years, Scott Prior.



Legislative District 16

Legislative District 16 is located in the Eastern suburbs of Phoenix, including parts of Mesa and San Tan Valley, and all of Apache Junction and Gold Canyon. The district is the 2nd whitest in the state and more than 25% of residents are over 65. Minorities represent 23% of the district’s population. Democrats have an opportunity to connect with underrepresented communities in LD16 and begin growing a robust party in the eastern Maricopa County and northeastern Pinal County.




All Arizonans should be treated equally no matter what our religion, race, income or disability. This means equal access to high quality public education. It means equal access to a voice in our government through voting. It means equal access to the bathroom that aligns with our gender identity. It means equal access to public places regardless of our disability. It means equal human rights no matter what our immigration status. It means equality for every one of us, period.

We need to put our hearts into the political process; when we don’t, our public policy hurts the people and animals it should be helping. When we pass laws, we need to ask compassionate questions. We need to advocate for people and animals who don’t have a voice or are ignored in politics because they don’t have money or power; this includes: children; people experiencing homelessness; victims of domestic violence; undocumented immigrants; animals; and many others.

Arizona is a state of amazing natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities. Sustainability has to become a top priority if we want to preserve that beauty and our other natural resources. Writing sustainability into all our policy decisions will safeguard our thriving outdoor tourism industry; protect endangered and threatened species; bring our antiquated water policy into the 21st Century; and make Arizona a leader in solar and other green technology.

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Medical decisions, including decisions about abortion care, should be made by individuals and their doctors rather than religious interests or state legislators.

Our legislature needs to protect the welfare of our animal companions who are complex, sentient beings with physical and emotional needs deserving of respect. We need strong policy solutions that prevent overbreeding, abuse, neglect and abandonment.

My number one priority would be to fully fund public education so that all Arizonans have real opportunities for economic security and a rewarding career. I would fight to move money out of private prisons and into the protective power of the public education system.

Our current elected officials ignore the laws passed by the people and disregard our state constitution. Our election system has become the laughing stock of the country? We need strong anti-corruption laws—and we need to vote out the officials who are undermining our democracy.

We need to end secret political spending by corporations; dark money corrupts the democratic process. We should also strengthen our Clean Elections program.

Every single child in Arizona deserves a high quality public education no matter where they live, what color or gender they are, or how much their parents earn. Our state has the resources to achieve this, but it means shifting our priorities away from private prisons and private schools and putting public education first.

Too little of the economy is shared democratically. Profits should be shared by the workers who make them possible—beginning with a $15 minimum wage. And we must end the systemic discrimination that results in wage gaps for women and minorities.

Arizona should legalize, tax, and regulate recreational marijuana—creating millions of dollars in annual state revenue for public education. Marijuana prohibition benefits the private prison industry rather than the people of this state.

Too many elected officials use religion as an excuse to pass laws that strip Arizonans of basic civil rights, contrary to constitutional guarantees of secular government. We have to keep religion out of public policy.

Because of the major contributions the State Parks System offers to our quality of life in Arizona, our Parks need reliable, sustainable funding. I support a small vehicle registration fee with an opt-out option for low-income individuals as a way of funding our Parks System.

Vote November 8th

Early Voting Starts October 12th



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